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    FORTY YEARS AGO, YESTERDAY: Convention is flouted as Superman’s generally accepted birthday (February 29) is replaced by June 18 in an insane “Fabulous World of Krypton” backup by Cary Bates and Dick Dillin.¬†

    The panels above cut to the chase, but basically one of Superman’s ancestors watched his mom die, and unable to properly grieve, began emitting psychic blasts that melt Glass Forests into molten drifts that threaten to kill everyone in his town. But wise Vol-Tir develops a cure for these blasts, which leaks out of people’s eyes, tear-style, every six birthdays. Yeah, I don’t know either. I feel like Rosey Grier did this better a year later.

    (Superman #263 by Cary Bates and Dick Dillin)

    — 1 year ago
    #1973  #Superman  #Cary Bates  #Dick Dillin  #Birthdays  #It's All Right to Cry